Who Owns Kapolei? Searching City Property

The biggest landowner on the west side—no surprise, it’s the Feds.

map showing land ownership on west side of oahu

The city also owns a lot of land, mostly in three big chunks: Campbell High, Ewa Makiho Park, Honouliuli Wastewater Treatment Plant on the other side of Kapolei Parkway, and Kapolei Park.

All this is easy to see from this helpful Oahu Land Ownership map hosted on ArcGIS, a mapping service for companies.

But what if you want to know who owns a specific piece of property? Then it’s time to turn to the City and County of Honolulu, Department of Budget and Fiscal Services, Real Property Assessment Division. With their property records search you can identify who pays property tax on any street on the island.

Here’s how to do it:

First, you’ve got to go to the main search page and agree to the disclaimer posted by the city. Most cities with a property tax search require users to agree to some sort of disclaimer like this. I’m not sure why—if you know please drop your knowledge in the comments.

Once you accept, you go to a page where you determine how you want to search their database.

web access to property records home page

If you know the specific address or street you want to find information about, the site address search is the easiest to use.

The parcel number you’ll probably only know if you’re the homeowner. Every property on the island is assigned a parcel number, which is different from street address because some properties encompass multiple addresses.

Using the map is best for just browsing, looking at the different parcels of land that happened to interest you. For example, Nimitz Beach, where I proposed to my now wife, is part of a 5 million square foot parcel of land, with a value assessed at $43 million, that’s owned by the U.S. of A. (which, obviously, doesn’t pay taxes on the land).

nimitz beach oahu property parcel

What’s more interesting is finding out about a privately-owned parcel of land. One property I’ve always been curious about is a huge, undeveloped plot of oceanfront property in ‘Ewa Beach, near where much of my family lives.

Here’s how it looks on Google Street View.

I know it’s off of Pohakupuna Street, so I enter that street in the search. But that brings up a huge list of addresses. Better to zoom in on the area on the site’s map view search. Here it is:

map view of honolulu parcel viewer

Now I can open up the full property report to get some more details about the property.

Parcel viewer is a pretty simple way to find out who owns the land in your neighborhood.

What did you find out? Let us know in the comments.