The Private Beach Party That’s Public

On the first Friday of every month, Mina’s Fish House at Four Seasons Ko Olina is like a rich friend who calls you up and says:

Hey I’m throwing a party at my beach house! Come on by around five—a valet’s gonna meet you at the front door. Leave your car, walk through my mansion, past my pool, and down to the beach.

No need bring anything, I’ve got waiters coming around with free pupus, and I hired one of the best bartenders on the island. Top-shelf stuff only, ten bucks a drink. You in?

Who says no to that?

We said yes last month, when we went to Mina’s inaugural Aloha Friday. The experience is just as we’ve described it. We omitted a couple of details:

  1. Mina’s also provides a “shoe valet” to keep your footwear so you can feel the sand between your toes.
  2. One choice is up to you: Bring a tiki mug and get in for free? Or pay a $10 admission charge?
  3. There’s a beanbag toss set.
  4. Live music, too.

The party is in a small sandy spot below Mina’s Fish House. Probably the type of space you could reserve if you were getting married at the Four Seasons. We suspect that would cost more than $10 per person.

The friendly folks at Mina’s want to turn this into a monthly tradition. We here at Howzit Kapolei, not having that many friends who own oceanfront mansions (yet) are all for it. We’ll be there again Friday, with some current friends in tow.

Of course, a party is only as cool as the people who show up for it. You must be cool if you’re reading Kapolei’s hottest new website 🙂 … so hope to see you there!