The New Brewery Near Kapolei

There’s now a brewery on our side of the H2.

Maps view beer lab

Juuuust barely, but we’ll take it!

What: Beer Lab Hawaiʻi, Waipiʻo Division
Where: 94-515 Ukeʻe St, #310
Why: Delicious craft beer
Hours: 4pm-10pm Tues.-Fri., 11am-10pm Sat., 11am-6pm Sun. Closed Mon.
Good To Know: Park on Ukeʻe St., then walk (no stalls at the brewery)

Friday afternoon, we snagged the last available space at one of three long tables in the brewery’s front room.

The sipping area is clean but sparse. The decor focuses—rightfully so—on the beer.
In the back you can see gleaming metal tanks, soon to be full of delicious beer.

The beer lists lives on mini-chalkboard panels above the bar, so you can narrow down your picks. Of course, half the fun of going to a brewery is talking beer with the workers. They’ll happily give you more info and make recommendations.

Beer lab HI Waipio beer list

Here’s what we tried.

White Plains: A hoppy IPA, with the unmistakable citrus flavor of citra hops. This style of IPA is super popular on the west coast, especially in Seattle.

Mililani Red: The brewers call this an homage to the west side’s ample red dirt. The beer has an earthy, malty flavor we really liked.

Lilikoi Leʻa: A sour saison that was the consensus favorite pour. The lilikoi flavor really comes out, and the sour was a nice contrast to the other styles. Definitely include it if you do a tasting.

Beer lab hi Waipio full view

We counted 10 beers on tap for our visit, ranging from crushable ambers and session IPAs, to heavier porters and the dangerous-sounding Jedi Mind Trick.

That is to say: There’s something for everyone. And even for the non-beer crowd. Beer Lab HI also carries wine by the glass.

For food, they offer snacks of beef jerky ($5) and popcorn ($1) to keep you fueled. If you need a real meal, you can BYO. Costco is only a few minutes away; you could be well and truly hooked up for an afternoon of glugging with one of their pizzas on hand. Breweries are happy for you to hang out, as long as you keep sampling.

As in most breweries, beers are sold in 16 oz., 12 oz., 8 oz., and 4 oz. pours, so you can try a bunch for a relatively inexpensive price. We only had time for a couple of quick ones, but plan a full tasting on our next trip.

Before you go, know that it’s a little tricky to find, as they don’t yet have any outdoor signage. Ukeʻe Street is a semicircle of nearly identical warehouses. Even the warehouse numbers are hard to see from the street. Beer Lab is #310, which is about in the middle of the semicircle.

Welcome to Beer Lab HI Waipio

They have no parking stalls, so you have to park on the street anyway, so probably best to just park near the peak of the semicircle and search on foot. It was no problem to find parking on a Friday afternoon, and would probably be even easier on a weekend when many of the other businesses are closed.

If you go, please report back in the comments!