Whiskey And Raspberries: Who Knew?

The bartenders at Eating House 1849 invented four new cocktails for fall.

Rye Rye’s Raspberry Jam, a concoction of Eating House bartender Ryson, is our favorite of the four. It also got us thinking—does everything that goes well with chocolate also go well with whiskey?

High West Double Rye whiskey is the spirit in the drink, and helped inspire the name.

The gorgeous color comes from raspberry coulis-a thick sauce of pureed raspberries. It’s the same coulis that Eating House serves over their chocolate soufflé.

If you go taste it, you’ll know: Raspberries and whiskey are a magical combination, just like raspberries and chocolate.

Rye Rye’s Raspberry Jam also has Triple Sec and orange juice. The presentation is beautiful, as you can see. The single large ice cube-commonly used in scotch-melts slowly, letting you savor the spicy rye whiskey flavor longer.

And the orange slice gives it a festive feel. Why rye whiskey? Because rye is a little spicier than its cousin bourbon whiskey. Rye whiskey is made primarily with rye, while bourbon is made primarily from corn, which makes it sweeter.

Cooler weather calls for cocktails that are a little more full-bodied than summer sips, with notes of autumnal spice. Eating House 1849’s three other special fall cocktails:

Mana Sangria

Mana sangria

This magnificent sangria is made with a California cabernet from Mana brand wines. The big burst of island flavor comes from lilikoi puree, lime juice, guava juice, and a shot of rum. This sangria is smooth and fruity, with none of the harsh red wine flavor you sometimes get.

The drink comes in a mammoth burgundy glass, so you’ll have plenty to sip on.

The Lily Blossom

Lily blossom cocktail
“Lily” in the title must refer to lilikoi, which you can really taste in this smooth vodka-based cocktail. The base is a vanilla-flavored vodka, which adds a creamy finish.

The Wicked Pilot

Wicked pilot cocktail
Aviation gin gets a fall flavor boost from Wicked Apple cider. Lemon juice adds a sour note and the whole concoction is topped with ginger beer. This would be a good wake me up cocktail after sitting through a movie, or after a long day of holiday shopping.

Try these special cocktails while you can, and let us know your favorite. Eating House is open every day at 11am.