Become A Surfer In Four Hours

When a tourist does a single surf lesson, the goal is to catch a wave—even if just for a second, so they can go home and tell friends: “I surfed!”

But you don’t want to say “I surfed.” You want to say “I surf.” You want to be able to grab a board, paddle out past the break, line yourself up, get up on that board and ride a wave in…then go back out and do it again.

Learning those skills takes more than a single lesson.

The top-rated surf instructors SurfHNL know this. This Kapolei-based company wants to give local folks the chance to become surfers. (You may know the company as “Girls Who Surf,” their name when they started out in 2005.)

So they’re offering kamaʻāina and short-term residents a special deal: Buy four lessons, and the fourth lesson is free. You can get the deal with either their small group lessons ($99/hour) or private lessons ($139/hour). This offer is available for surfers of any age—ages three and up, the Surf HNL people told me.

SurfHNL guides are experienced surfers, and are CPR/first aid certified. They know the best places to teach beginners, and when the waves are best. The typical west side schedule is something like this:

Eisenhower Beach: 9am-1pm
Pōkaʻī Bay: Noon-2pm

(They also offer lessons at Ala Moana Beach Park, from 3pm-5pm.) All you need to bring is drinking water, towel, and sunscreen. You’ll gear up, stretch, and get out on the water.

SurfHNL’s stellar Yelp reviews tell the rest of the story:

“Yes! You must try this! What a great experience. The instructors were fantastic! They were patient and encouraging.”

“We had a great experience and really enjoyed interacting with everyone who works there. They all really seem to love what they do.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than what they gave us.”

If you’re interested, call 808-386-7779 to get the special rate and schedule your lessons.