Moms-Only Fitness Classes Are Free For One Week Only

Lots of people tell Melanie Gonzalez they want to try her FIT4MOM classes, then never get around to it.

So from April 8-12, she’s giving people a really good reason to come out.

Melanie is making all FIT4MOM classes free for one week.

  • Monday, 4/8: Stroller Barre at Central Oʻahu Regional Park
  • Tuesday, 4/9: Stroller Strides at Ka Makana Aliʻi
  • Wednesday, 4/10: Stroller Strides at Central Oʻahu Regional Park
  • Thursday, 4/11: Stroller Barre at Ka Makana Aliʻi
  • Friday, 4/12: Stroller Strides at Central Oʻahu Regional Park

All classes begin at 9am. Register for any (or all) of the classes here.

Melanie wants people to experience the classes for themselves to clear up some common misconceptions.

  • Yes, it’s a good workout. (“This was my biggest misconception,” says Melanie. “I thought: ‘These are just a bunch of ladies walking around with strollers.'”)
  • No, the workout won’t be too hard. (Melanie and the other FIT4MOM class leaders have ways of customizing it for all fitness levels.)
  • Yes, the other moms will be welcoming. (“It’s
    a supportive group,” Melanie says. “These are moms working to get healthy and stay healthy, and we inspire each other.”)
  • No, your stroller-bound child won’t be miserable. (Class leaders entertain the kids while the moms work out — blowing bubbles over their heads, for instance.)

Melanie, who took over the franchise in August, told me why April seemed like a good time to try out a free week:

“It’s starting to warm up, and I know I’m looking for excuses to get out of the house. This way you’ll get out and get the benefit of working out—and making friends with other moms, too.”

Here’s that signup link again.