The Most Popular Runs In Kapolei (According to Strava)

You’ve got your favorite west side run-are you faster than your neighbors? Strava, an exercise-tracking app, makes it possible to find out.

Any Strava user can create a “segment,” or run. Then, when someone else runs it, both athletes can see how they compare.

Also, Strava lets anyone see how many runners have tried each segment. So we have a rough idea of the most popular places to run on the west side.

Around The Ko Olina Lagoons

No single Strava segment on the west side is better traveled than this path along Ko Olina’s lagoons. I’d assume that’s because it’s an easy jog if you’re staying at Aulani or the Four Seasons, just steps from the path.

Strava Name: Ko Olina Ocean Front Path
Distance: 0.8 mi
Elevation Gain: 15 ft
Total Runs: 7,027
Course Record Time: 4:37

Run Off Mall Calories

kapolei parkway
If you need to run off the beers you had at Rock N’ Fun, try this quick dash along Kapolei Parkway to the site of the old sugar plantation.

Strava Name: KapPkwy Dash
Distance: 1.3 mi
Elevation Gain: 16 ft
Total Runs: 1,201
Course Record Time: 6:12

Along The Light Rail

kualakai parkway
Starting at Ka Makana Aliʻi mall, you run down the broad sidewalks of Kualakaʻi Parkway (formerly North/South Road) up to Farrington and back. A barely noticeable uphill grade on the way out to Farrington will make you work hard. Your reward on the way back is a very noticeable downhill grade—plus, a view of Honolulu and Diamond Head.

Strava Name: North South 4 Mile Loop
Distance: 3.9 mi
Elevation Gain: 98 ft
Total Runs: 77
Course Record Time: 26:50

Up (and up, and up) Makakilo

the start of the Makakilo uphill
I love the name a Strava athlete gave this one.

Strava Name: Makakilo Masocism
Distance: 2.0 mi
Elevation Gain: 778 ft (!)
Total Runs: 60
Course Record Time: 15:11

Kapolei 20K

This loop run in Kalaeloa takes you around the area between Kalaeloa Airport and Kapolei High. It’s a loop of slightly more than four miles and when you’re done it adds up to 20K—very close to a half-marathon distance.

Strava Name: Marathon Readiness Series 20K
Distance: 12.4 mi
Elevation Gain: 33 ft
Recorded Runs: 246
Course Record Time: 1:11:11

Hill-Haters Mile

A one-mile from where Fort Weaver Road ends to ʻEwa Beach Park with zero elevation gain. The complete opposite of the Makakilo run.

Strava Name: EBPark to Pohakapuna
Distance: 1 mi
Elevation Gain: None
Total Runs: 143
Course Record Time: 7:11

Villages Loop

kaiau street
A loop around the homes near the Villages of Kapolei Rec Center. The route is mostly shaded, and you can go nearly 2 miles and only have to cross the street a couple of times.

Strava Name: Kamaaha-Kaiau Loop
Distance: 1.7 mi
Elevation Gain: 12 ft
Total Runs: 26
Course Record Time: 13:12