See An Online Gallery Of Kapolei High Student Art

The art room at Kapolei High feels more like a working studio than a classroom. Art everywhere — some finished, some unfinished — and students gathering at circular tables rather than sitting in neat rows.

Their teachers, Milanie Dumapit, Tia Claypool, and Seth Weddle, invited me in to take some photos — so I could show you what students have been working on. Here’s a little online gallery of Kapolei High student art. Click the images to see larger versions.

Dylan Ornellas (Head) and Rhapsody Anuenue (Metal on wood) art Mixed media sculpture (head) by Dylan Ornellas, Metal and wood mixed media by Rhapsody Anuenue

Cristen Gadicho and Malisa Lo mural art Mural art being painted by Cristen Gadicho and Malisa Lo

Shelby Alesna art  Painting by Shelby Alesna

Gillen Juse art Painting by Gillen Juse

Kyla Mach art Painting and collage by Kyla Mach

Macey Cargo art Painting by Rhendyn Allen

Angelica Devers art Painting by Angelica Devers

mixed media by Kyla Mach

A brief word about the piece above, by junior Kyla Mach. The project was this: Take a bunch of sorta random stuff and turn it into an art piece. The gown is formed out of casting tape. Turned out pretty nice, huh? (Much better than the focus on my camera, sheesh.)

The Kapolei art department is planning a more formal exhibition next school year — we’ll announce the date/time when we know it!