The Most Popular Bike Routes on the West Side

What are the bike routes west siders use the most? Strava, an exercise-tracking app, makes it possible to find out.

Any Strava user can create a “segment,” or route. The app then tracks how many people have tried each segment. So we have a rough idea of the most popular bike routes on the west side. Here they are — along with a few tips if you try them yourself.

Coral Sea In and Out

This quick little trip is mostly flat and is great for folks heading to the beach or if you’re short on time and just want to get a quick work out in. Most people finish this in and out in less than 20 mins.

Distance: 5.45 mi
Average Grade: 0%
Elevation Difference: 46 ft
Total Rides: 3,036
Course Record Time: 12:30

North-South Southbound

kualakai parkway
The Southbound version of this stretch of Kualakaʻi Parkway is a downhill breeze with a full bike lane. If you’re just starting out riding, try adding this quick stretch to your route to get more comfortable riding with cars around.

Distance: 1.99 mi
Average Grade: -1%
Elevation Difference: 98 ft
Total Rides: 5,810
Course Record Time: 3:28

East West Loch Road

Riding into ʻEwa? Try out this stretch heading toward Iroquois Point. There isn’t a full bike lane but you’ll have a generous shoulder to ride on. If you’re riding at night make sure you’ve got plenty of lights and reflective gear, there isn’t much light on this road!

Distance: 0.97 mi
Average Grade: 0%
Elevation Difference: 0 ft
Total Rides: 4,328
Course Record Time: 1:37

Parkway to Marisco

This path takes you through Campbell Industrial Park all the way to the Marisco facility in Barber’s Point Harbor starting from Kapolei Parkway and Kalaeloa Blvd. Heading toward Marisco is all downhill and mostly with a bike lane or generous shoulder. Stay safe and watch out for big trucks moving fast on this route!

Distance: 2.63 mi
Average Grade: 0%
Elevation Difference: 56 ft
Total Rides: 1,582
Course Record Time: 4:58

Marisco Back to Home Depot

Now take that breezy downhill ride and flip it. Getting back to Kapolei Parkway isn’t a huge incline but you’ll definitely notice it. The Marisco route is a cool way to see all that’s going on around Campbell Industrial Park, an area of Kapolei you probably don’t see much of otherwise.

Distance: 2.63 mi
Average Grade: 0%
Elevation Difference: 54 ft
Total Rides: 1,236
Course Record Time: 6:19

Pearl Harbor Bike Path

Lindsey wrote about this route a while back and while there may be a little bit of law breaking, it’s an awesome way to get in a good ride (especially if you actually start from Kapolei) and see some hidden gems!

Distance: 4.63 mi
Average Grade: 0%
Elevation Difference: 30 ft
Total Rides: 8,080
Course Record Time: 11:08

Kapolei Wind Sprint Road

This route is not something you’d ride as a stand alone but it should be noted that Kapolei Parkway is very biker-friendly with a real bike lane on either side of the road, so don’t be afraid of sprinting right through town on this road.

Distance: 0.24 mi
Average Grade: 0%
Elevation Difference: 0 ft
Total Rides: 5,082
Course Record Time: 0:20

Yokohama to Kapolei

Set aside some time for this 20-mile tour of the west side. The trip from Kapolei to Yokohama runs right along the coast and usually takes folks about an hour one way. Some of the new stretches of road will have space for bikes but the further west you go, the less space you’ll find so be safe on this one and enjoy all those gorgeous views!

Distance: 19.78 mi
Average Grade: 0%
Elevation Difference: 153 ft
Total Rides: 278
Course Record Time: 52:35

Maximum Hill

the start of the Makakilo uphill
Happy leg day! Maximum Hill is a route very similar to the “Makakilo Masocism” in Strava’s Best Running Routes in Kapolei and we really can’t imagine doing this on a bike and not being in so much pain after.

Distance: 2.94 mi
Average Grade: 6%
Elevation Difference: 998 ft
Total Rides: 45
Course Record Time: 17:11