The Four Seasons’ Spectacular Seafood Brunch Is Now On Saturdays Too

One of the truly special experiences on the west side is the all-you-can-eat Brunch for All Seasons at La Hiki Kitchen.

Frolic Hawaiʻi named it the best brunch buffet on the island, and after getting out to The Four Seasons Ko Olina and trying it for the first time it’s easy to see why.

La Hiki’s brunch was selling out on Sundays, so they’re now serving it on Saturday as well.

And Saturday may be the smartest time to book. Ocean view tables aren’t always available on Sundays — a Four Seasons source tells us you’ve got a much better chance of snagging one if you go Saturday.

Here are our 8 top reasons to book a spot. (The brunch is $75 per person, all-you-can-eat, parking and complimentary bloody Mary included).

1) Fresh-Off-The-Grill Lobster Tail

This is really the star of the show — an outdoor grill station where a chef cooks deliciously tender lobster tail over an open flame.

2) Delectable Grilled Steak, Too

The lobster tail was fantastic, but the steak was among the best I’ve had on the island. Incredibly tender, almost buttery. I like mine rare, but you can choose a range of doneness levels.

3) The Complimentary Bloody Mary

The brunch price icludes a complimentary house-made bloody mary. It’s a tasty one, and sets a relaxing tone for your meal. Every table is assigned a server — if you want more drinks they’re happy to oblige.

4) Crack-Your-Own Crab Legs

A bowl just past the entrance to the brunch holds a bounty of chilled crab legs. Your server can bring you a crab cracker.

5) Plentiful Fruit

Our plates were full of such rich food, we found that we liked having a little bit of fruit to balance things out before going back for more. In the center of the main buffet area, you can choose from a bounty of local fruits like pineapple, papaya, and melons.

fruit arranged beautifully at la hiki kitchen brunch

6) Trying the Noe Pastas

Noe, the Italian restaurant next door to La Hiki, participates in the brunch too. You can try their pastas during the brunch — either a cream sauce or a tomato sauce. It was a surprising bonus to be able to get a taste of their pasta without sticking around for dinner.

7) Cute and Tasty Pastries

We were pretty focused on the surf and turf, plus a few classic breakfast favorites like fried rice, we didn’t sample the pastries until we were pretty full already. We wished we’d left more room! These small sweet bites were Insta-worthy and the perfect end to the experience. They are all house-made in the restaurant’s pastry kitchen. We only wish we could’ve tried more.

8) Eating When We Wanted

When you have a big family brunch, you can run into this problem: Some people are really hungry and want to get their orders in right away. Others feel more like talking story, and perhaps enjoying a beverage or two first. Nice thing about this gourmet buffet is you can just grab food when you want, at your own pace.

What They’re Saying About La Hiki’s Brunch

“This brunch is lit. If it weren’t so cozy and overlooking a lagoon, the Brunch for the Seasons could easily be on the Las Vegas strip.” – Frolic Hawaiʻi

A Few Tips If You Go

Here are a couple of things we wish we knew before we dove in…

Hit the Grilling Station FirstThe lobster tails are very popular, but the chef doesn’t have unlimited room to cook at the outdoor grilling station. We were told to head there first to get what we wanted, on the off-chance there was a wait. (There never was, but it was a little close a couple of times.)

The Omelets Are Terrific, But Maybe Aren’t The Top PriorityAt the omelet station, you can choose your own fixins and a chef will make your custom omelet while you wait. Our omelets were good, but not as spectacularly good as the rest of the options on offer. In retrospect we wished we’d reserved that room in our stomach for something else – like the sashimi bar, or the thai-style poached fish, or more crab.

Keiki Need KōkuaKids are welcome, but you’ll probably want to make their plates for them. The DIY buffet stations have pretty robust heating elements, and the food is stored in cast iron pots with heavy lids. A teenager could probably navigate it, but a smaller kid might have a hard time, especially with the heavy and extremely hot pot lids. Reserve below — or you can call 808-679-0079.