Kapolei Bus News: One Big Route Change And More All-Day Service

On Sunday, August 18, hundreds of changes to Oʻahu’s bus routes and schedules went into effect. The biggest changes were on the windward side, but the west side wasn’t ignored.

The key Kapolei takeaways of the new plans, were developed by the City & County Department of Transportation Services.

  • New service into Kapolei Business Park on Lauwiliwili St. The Bus now stops at Goodwill!
  • Full-day service between Campbell Industrial Park and Kapolei Transit Center, not just during rush hour.
  • Full-day service between Kalaeloa and Kapolei Transit Center, not just during rush hour.
  • Slightly more service on weekends between ʻEwa Beach and Kapolei.

Why the changes? I reached out to the Department of Transportation Services to find out.

“Service increases are generally predicated by new development (residential and commercial), ridership demand and overcrowding, and requests from riders and those currently not served by transit,” says Jon Nouchi, Deputy Director for DTS. He notes that 87% of Oʻahu residents live within one-half mile of a TheBus stop.

“Kapolei continues to grow and develop,” he says. “In the 20 years since DTS first invested significant transit funding into increased bus service in Kapolei, the number of bus trips has increased from 176 in 2000 to our current 536.”

Now let’s talk specifics.

Changes to Route 413 (Campbell Industrial Park to Kapolei TC)

The 413 bus serves Campbell Industrial Park, running all the way to Barbers’ Point Harbor. Until Sunday, it took a straight shot down Kalaeloa Blvd. to Malakole St., where it looped around the area to get everyone close to work.

However, any of the many people who work (or shop, or go to the gym, or worship) at Kapolei Business Park had to get off and walk as much as a half-mile to get to their destination.

Now, the 413 travels down Lauwiliwili St.

old 413 route vs new 413 route

Also, the 413 now operates continuously on weekdays and state holidays, from 5:30am to 8pm. Previously, service didn’t operate at all between 8:30am and 3pm. Also, the service runs a little later. The last bus out of Barbers Point Harbor now leaves at 7:58pm. Before, the last bus left at 6:04pm.

There is no 413 service on weekends.

Route 413 Details

Old 413 schedule

New 413 schedule

New 413 route map (shows all Kapolei-specific routes)

Changes to Route 415 (Kalaeloa to Kapolei TC)

The veterans trying to get back on their feet at the U.S. Vets shelter haven’t been getting much help from The Bus. So, according to Nouchi, Goodwill Hawaii and DTS teamed up to create a US Veterans’ Kapolei shuttle that would give these vets better access to housing and jobs.

“This August we converted it into a frequent, regular TheBus route for better connectivity to the rest of TheBus network,” says Nouchi.

The hundreds of residents of Kalaeloa Rental Homes will benefit as well. Previously, the 415 was the only direct route from these spots to Kapolei Transit Center. It made only six measly trips a day, and none on the weekends.

The new schedule offers 31 trips per weekday, and 16 on weekend days — that’s continuous operation between 5am and 8:30pm.

For the folks at U.S. Vets, or anyone who lives, works, or shops deep in Barbers Point, an all day bus connection is incredibly valuable. For Kalaeloa Rental Homes residents, this means they are just a 12-minute ride from Kapolei Transit Center and connections to the rest of the island all day. That’s about half the time it takes on the meandering route 41.

Route 415 Details

Old 415 schedule

New 415 schedule

415 route map (shows all Kapolei-specific routes)

Changes to Route 41 (ʻEwa Beach TC to Kapolei TC)

Speaking of the 41, which meanders through Villages of Kapolei and Kalaeloa on its way to and from ʻEwa Beach: You 41 riders are getting slightly more service on weekends.

Instead of 14 round-trips on weekend days, the 41 will now make 17 trips. The hours of service aren’t changing: What this means is, instead of running approximately every 75 minutes like it did before, the 41 runs every hour. Doesn’t sound like much, but waiting 15 minutes less for a bus can feel pretty darn good.

Departure and arrival times have changed slightly, so check the new schedule to see if you need to alter your routine.

Note: The weekday schedule hasn’t changed at all.

Route 41 Details

Old route 41 schedule (click “Saturday” or “Sunday” tabs at bottom of page):

New route 41 schedule (click “Saturday” or “Sunday” tabs at bottom of page):

41 route map (shows all Kapolei-specific routes)

Future Routes That Are In The Works

The Rail, scheduled to open in 2020, is playing into a lot of the future transit plans for Kapolei. The East Kapolei station, at Kroc Center, will offer service to Leeward Community College, Pearlridge, and Aloha Stadium (among other places) once it starts running

With that in mind, DTS is working on ways to connect the rest of Kapolei with that station.

Other Things You Might Want To Know

A few other minor details, which may be of interest to you.

  1. Waipahu Transit Center has reopened. It had been closed because of rail construction. If your bus used to stop there, it will stop there again.
  2. On UH football game nights, The Bus has added a 10pm trip from Aloha Stadium to Waipahu Transit Center.
  3. There are no changes to these routes that serve Kapolei:
    1. Route C Country Express (Makaha to Ala Moana via Kapolei TC): No changes
    2. Route 411 (Makakilo Heights to Kapolei TC): No changes
    3. Route 414 (Upper Makakilo to Kapolei TC): No changes
    4. Route 416 (Kapolei Loop): No changes

If you want to dig in for yourself, here’s the full list of changes, and here is the full list of The Bus route schedules and maps.

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