This West Sider Will Shop For You When You Don’t Have Time

Shopping for everyday necessities can be a timesuck between driving, parking, standing in line, convincing your child they don’t need that candy bar … happily, one west side local is ready to help when you can afford to pay for groceries, but can’t afford to take the time to buy them.

Raylene Tetu is a personal shopper for busy west siders. “I’ll shop for anyone on the west side from any business that accepts credit cards and it fits in my car.” You can book her through Dumpling.

Here’s how it works:

  1. On the Dumpling app, you find the store you want Raylene to go to.
  2. You pick the items you want her to buy.
  3. Repeat if you need items from other stores.

Within about three hours, Raylene will deliver the items to you. You pay for the cost of the items, plus a delivery fee.

A Relationship, Not Just a Transaction

The difference between Raylene’s service and the nationwide service Instacart is that you can form a relationship with Raylene. That’s why she likes it, too.

She’s not just filling orders from a program, she can learn your likes and dislikes over time. “Over time as the relationship builds,” she says, “you figure out what’s important to a client, like — do they want the lower price or do they care about the name brand?”

As a recent business story highlighting Dumpling’s success puts it:

Many of the most expensive grocery items — produce, meat and fish — are also things that people are least likely to trust another person to buy. You may not care who grabs your toilet paper, but you want a trusted source to pick the perfect avocado.

She can also decide how to arrange her deliveries, rather than just following a computer-generated list. “I had a military mom whose son was sick — she needed his prescription picked up right away. Sick babies are priority.”

Folks who have hired Raylene mention her thoughtfulness in reviews.

Writes Nanette D.: “She always read the expiration dates, then gets the freshest!”

Ashley K: “She always looks for deals.”

Most Folks Order In The Morning (When They Realize Their Day Is Too Packed For a Store Run)

Raylene says she gets most orders in the morning, between 8am-11am. That’s when busy people look at their schedule and realize they won’t have time to get to the store that day.

“My clients range from busy moms that don’t want to take 3 cranky little ones to a store, to people trying to assist their aging parents that can’t drive, yet they’re too busy themselves,” she says.

Raylene also takes special requests — like if you need a birthday card for a nephew. She can go to the card aisle, take a few pictures, and let you pick out what you like. “I have done everything from orders from GameStop, to Sams for headphones, to pillows, to alcohol.”

Okay: How Much Does It Cost?

The delivery fee depends on the type of delivery and the store.

  • Picking up take-out at a restaurant: $7
  • Picking out and buying stuff at a grocery store: $15
  • Picking out and buying stuff at a membership store like Costco or Sam’s Club: $20

The delivery fee goes to Raylene. So does a tip (10% minimum). Dumpling, the app behind the service, gets a 5% platform fee. So for a $100 grocery run, you’d pay about $30 extra to save the time and hassle of going yourself.

Raylene is offering free delivery to first-time clients who place an order with a $100.00 minimum. Use the code WELCOME at checkout, and the delivery fee is waived.

If you’ve used another grocery delivery service, you’ll notice a big difference with Raylene — you’ll actually get in-store pricing, including discounts like Foodland’s Maikaʻi card. And coupons — she has access to hundreds of them. Other grocery delivery services not only don’t give you deals, Instacart sometimes charges more per item than the actual price at the store.

Raylene told me that the Safeway in Kapolei has started stocking her business cards and postcard at the registers — a manager told her that customers just weren’t happy with the other grocery delivery services and would rather promote Raylene’s.

Here’s How To Sign Up

You can go straight from Raylene’s page — you’ll be asked to download the Dumpling app (Apple | Android). Then you can start building your order. It’s a smooth experience. Don’t forget the code WELCOME at checkout, which will get your delivery fee waived with a $100 minimum order.