6 Of The Best Sandwiches In Kapolei

From deli-style to sliders, you’re guaranteed some tasty bites at these local spots.

Kailua Club @ Kalapawai Market

kalapawai kailua club sandwich
The sandwiches at Kalapawai always come out looking nice. They also come out very fast.

These are expertly crafted — Kalapawai sandwiches always seem to have just the right amount of meat or other filling, and the vegetable components are crisp and fresh.

The Kailua Club is one of my favorites.

Kalapawai serves 14 different deli-style sandwiches, both cold and hot.

Kalapawai Market Menu

Hot Corned Beef @ Moani Island Bistro & Bar

corned beef sandwich moani

A January 2020 addition to Moani’s lunch menu, their take on the corned beef sandwich has a slight Reuben twist.

The sandwich comes with pickled cabbage and onions, Provolone cheese, and honey mustard sauce. All of these condiments are melted together in the sandwich — so rather than tasting them individually you get this delicious, explosive bite that incorporates every element of the sandwich.

Moani Island Bistro & Bar Menu

Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich @ DB Grill

db grill chicken sandwich
DB’s menu only contains one true sandwich, but it is a star.

Their Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich is a Korean-style spin on Chick-Fil-a’s famous chicken sandwich. The spin is the spicy Korean sauce slathered over the juicy, tender fried chicken. It’s a big portion, too — you won’t leave hungry.

Just make a stop at a mirror on the way out so you don’t leave with red sauce remnants on your face 🙂

DB Grill Menu

Bahn Mi @ La Tour

la tour bahn mi
You’d expect a bakery to nail the bread on their sandwiches. La Tour definitely does. The soft but just-hard-enough French baguette they use for their Bahn Mi (Vietnamese Sandwiches) is perfectly done.

La Tour also serves two deli-style sandwiches on toasted 100% multigrain bread. Whole-grain bread and some sandwich chains is mushy or falls apart when you bite into it. But La Tour’s has good texture and holds together well.

La Tour Menu

Aloha Tuna Sandwich @ Aloha Salads

aloha salads tuna sandwich
The local chain Aloha Salads — which recently opened an outpost in Tokyo — also serves sandwiches. All sandwiches come submarine style, on baguette-style bread.

The freshness of Aloha Salads’ locally-sourced ingredients stands out in their salads. That’s why my favorite sandwich is their Aloha Tuna Sandwich.

They use ahi caught in Hawaiian waters, and pair it with North Shore greens, and add pop of local mangoes for color. The combo is appetizing with a hint of sweetness.

Aloha Salads Menu

Smoked Hot Pastrami @ Raft Neighborhood Kitchen

This new casual lunch/dinner spot — it’s the clubhouse of ʻEwa Villages Golf Club, replacing The Ville at Park Row — comes strong with their sandwich game. Their Smoked Hot Pastrami sandwich is an early hit.

The sandwich hints at a classic Reuben, but the slaw is Asian-style. And instead of rye bread, it is served within the warm embrace of a tasty, toasted, brioche bun. You can get it served with fries or with a green salad.

Raft Neighborhood Kitchen Menu