A Stellar New West Side Spot For Ladies’ Lunch

Every group of friends is different, but when you get together for a ladies’ lunch you usually want these components:

  • Excellent service, so you can relax and catch up
  • A slightly fancy place, so you can wear something dressy
  • Attractive views and food, so your group photos evoke envy among the ladies who didn’t come
  • Rosé. Plenty of rosé.

Now that Mina’s Fish House is open for lunch on weekends, the west side now has a spot that checks all four boxes.

Mina’s Fish House Weekend Lunch Menu Has Tasty Light Options

The folks at Mina’s were nice enough to give us a sampler of their lunch menu. If you want a big sandwich or a burger, you can get it. But they also have some tasty light options.

The Fish House Chop Salad was a standout. It’s a bit of a Southwest spin on a chop salad. (Mina’s executive chef Garrick Mendoza grew up in New Mexico.) The dish combined iceberg lettuce, avocado, charred corn, and pickled red onions, all tossed in a smoky chipotle crema. Big flavor, but no bloat. (Note: The photo below is a half-order.)

mina's fish house chop house salad

Other lighter options include their Vegetable Poke, made with local Kahumana Farms vegetables and tossed in Mina’s house-made poke sauce, and Day Boat Grilled Fish — fish pulled directly from west-side waters by local fishermen.

A Generous Deal On Top-Notch Rosé

From the decor to the menu, this is a lunch built around rosé. The napkins are pink, the waiters’ aprons have pink stripes, and the menu boldly highlights a selection of four stellar rosés, each at just $35/bottle.

The rosé selection is a wide-ranging one. Mina’s offers four rosés, each made from a different grape variety. On our visit, you could choose from Gamay, Pinot Noir, Malbec, and Grenache. Each wine has a slightly different flavor, from lighter to more full-bodied. Your server can help you pick.

Insta-worthy, Envy-inducing Photo Options

The food itself is worthy of a photograph, as you’d expect from a Four Seasons restaurant.

Add in the views of the wooden lanai, with palm trees in the background, the Ko Olina lagoons beyond — and you and the ladies all dressed up — and you’ve got a photo that’s guaranteed big likes.

Other Menu Highlights

If you do want a more substantial meal, here are couple of lunch entrees worth mentioning:

Garlic Shrimp: This is Mina’s take on the North shore food truck shrimp. You get the same big pieces, but the preparation is unique. They use a shrimp and crab infused butter to bring out even more flavor. Then, they serve the dish with lime basmati rice. The acidity of the lime helps cut through the butter.

Fish Fry Hoagie: This was something completely new — the crispiest fried fish I’ve ever had.

mina's fish house fish fry hoagie

The batter is made from 100 proof vodka, which accounts for the crispiness. A confidential source told us that they can actually make it even crispier … but people might chip a tooth. The crunchiness level is definitely set to 11 on this one.

Mina’s Fish House opens for lunch from 11am-2pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Here’s the menu. Reserve a table online or by phone at 808-679-0079.