The New 240-Person Event Space At Villages Of Kapolei

There’s a new, affordable option for grad parties, weddings, and business gatherings in Kapolei. The residential community Villages of Kapolei just opened a second events facility. The official name is “Mauka Recreation Center,” but the locals call it “Rec 2.”

The new venue is across the street from the existing Villages of Kapolei Recreation Center on Kamaʻaha Loop, next door to Kapolei Elementary School.

“Rec 2” has:

  • Capacity for 240 people
  • A spacious, modern kitchen
  • (Including a huge ice machine)
  • A built-in sound/speaker system
  • Tables / chairs / white table cloths are provided
  • Room can be arranged a multitude of ways
  • Room dividers to make smaller gatherings more intimate
  • A separate entrance for food / caterers
  • Air-conditioning!
  • Alcohol allowed

As you can see, it’s a big open space. It’s a canvas for you to paint the party you’ve always wanted.

You have your choice of a lunch event (9am-2pm, starts at $425) or a dinner event (3pm-10pm, starts at $510). In both cases, the first and last hours of your rental are reserved for set-up and clean-up.

Probably the best feature of the space is the built-in speakers in the ceiling. No more blasting sound at the tables in front while folks at the back have to strain to listen. Whether it’s soft dinner music, or a speech by the father of the bride, everyone will hear it loud and clear.

Event Rules & Regulations

Rules apply, of course.

  • No sales transactions or solicitation may take place
  • No religious services (weddings are OK)
  • Events must be invite-only
  • As required by HPD, all events that serve alcohol or have more than 99 people must have paid security

An another important one: Every event must be sponsored by a Villages of Kapolei member.

This person must be the primary homeowner (name must be on the lease or deed) — they can’t be a temporary resident, or a co-signee on the mortgage, for example. (There is one exception: If you are renting on behalf of an established organization. We’ll get to that in a sec.)

The sponsor must be the first person at the event, to conduct a pre-event walkthough, and the last person to leave the event, to check for any damage. If there’s any damage, the sponsor is liable.

Business or Club Events

Private organizations are also eligible to rent the hall. Examples might include a company who needs a large space to do a sales training, or wants to hold a holiday party.

All rentals to organizations must be sponsored by a VOKA member or get a special waiver from the Villages of Kapolei Board — so you’d be wise to request the space at least one month in advance.

Community Events and Programs

The hall will also be used for programs like fitness classes. The schedule for those is still being developed, and will be announced in November.

Tips If You Want To Rent

  • If you are thinking about booking the hall for a weekend party, act quickly. You can book up to 13 months in advance, and people do. Villages of Kapolei staff told me that weekends in June and July of 2020 are already booked solid for grad parties.
  • For weekday events, VOKA recommends that you schedule three months in advance.
  • Events on weekday nights may not be possible, because the hall will likely be in use for scheduled programs. But you can call and ask.
  • While 240 is the maximum capacity, this assumes a small food service area and the rest of the hall reserved for seating. If you want to have activities like a photo booth, or an expanded serving area, you have to reduce your head count.

Rental Rates

The rental rates are divided into three components. Add all three together to get your final cost.

Security Deposit

The required security deposit is $250 in all cases. Payment must be made 2 weeks before party date to hold your reservation. The deposit is refundable if there’s no damage.

Hall Fee

The hall fee is $425 for lunch parties (9am-2pm) and $510 for dinner parties (3pm-10pm). Call 808-674-4444 for weekday rental rates.

HPD Security Fee

For the safety of partygoers and the surrounding community, VOKA requires that you have special duty police officers for any party that serves alcohol, and/or is larger than 100 people. The rates are set by HPD, and are subject to change at any time. VOKA arranges the hiring for you, but you must pay in advance.

No Alcohol Allowed

1-99 Guests: No fee

100-199 Guests: $179 lunch / $259 dinner

200-240 Guests: $346 lunch / $506 dinner

Alcohol Allowed

1-99 Guests: $179 lunch / $259 dinner

100-240 Guests: $346 lunch / $506 dinner

Total Cost Example

So, for example, if you had an evening party for 200 people, with alcohol, your cost would be $250 security deposit + $510 hall rental + $506 HPD fee, for a total pre-event cost of $1266.

Of that, $250 would be refundable after the event if there was no damage.

“Rec 1” The Original Hall

The original recreation hall is still available for rent. The prices are the same, but the hours are slightly different. The original hall also has an outdoor lanai area, which the new hall doesn’t.

To arrange a tour of either hall, call 808-674-4444.