Go Beyond Pumpkins At Aloun Farms’ Pumpkin Festival

The Aloun Farms Pumpkin Festival debuted this weekend. It’s more like a fair than just a farm visit.


  • A stage with live bands
  • A food court area with local food trucks
  • A games area with inflatable rides, plus a petting zoo and pony rides.
  • A farm store with fresh produce
  • Free hayrides
  • U-pick pumpkins, green beans, sunflowers, and corn

food and games at Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch

This is all set up around an open, grassy field. Beyond the field, through a rainbow made from pipes that serves as a gate, is the area for picking pumpkins, green beans, and sunflowers.

Pumpkin Picking

The larger pumpkins are closest to the main walkway. You may want to bring a wagon if you plan to pick your own monster pumpkin. (Or, you can grab a pre-picked one near the farm store.)

Deeper into the patch, you’ll find small decorative pumpkins. These little guys come in all shapes and sizes. You can find the perfect color combo to make your Halloween centerpiece. They are easy to pick and easy to carry back. These three cuties came home with us.

aloun farms decorative pumpkins
Prices range from $2 for decorative pumpkins, up to $15 for the big boys.

Green Bean Picking

These amazingly sweet green beans ended up being the unexpected highlight of our visit. For $8, you get a container and access to the fresh string bean patch. Walk down an empty row and then get low — the beans grow close to the ground, below the leaves of the plants.

green beans picked at aloun farms pumpkin patch

The beans are nice and fat, and easy to snap off the plant with your thumb and forefinger. For two of us, working at a leisurely pace, it took about 10 minutes to fill up our bucket.

Bring your bucket or buckets back to the stand where you bought them and they’ll put your harvest in a bag for you.

The workers urged us to eat the beans the same day. We did one better, we cooked them as soon as we got home. We kept it simple, just giving them two minutes in some boiling water.

We planned to toss them in a dressing, but after taking a bite, we realized there was no need. These farm fresh beans were so sweet and flavorful on their own. We just added a teeny bit of salt and a squeeze of lemon (also from Aloun Farms) and they were incredible.

Sunflower Picking

A huge field of sunflowers is behind the stage. This is one of the most popular places for taking photos, with the dozens of sunflowers stretching seemingly to the horizon.

You can also pick a bouquet. The charge is 3 flowers for $5.

Note: The sunflowers are also very popular with local bees, so if you’re allergic you may want to skip this field.

Corn Picking & Hayride

To get to the corn picking area, you’ll need to go on the free hayride. The ride stops between the stage and the food court. There may be a bit of a line, but Aloun Farms provides a shady area to await your turn. The hayride takes you out around the farm and to the corn picking area. Corn is $25 per bag.

Hours, Directions & Parking

The festival is Saturday and Sunday, 8:30am-5pm. Only two weekends left: October 19-20, and October 26-27.

The entrance to the Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch is on Farrington Highway, just town side of Kualakaʻi Parkway (North/South road).

Once you turn in, you follow a paved road through the farm for about a quarter of a mile to the admission area. There are multiple lanes where people take the admission fee, which is $4 per person (kids 2 and under are free).

Then you’ll be directed to a parking stall, in one of the long rows of cars. After you park, you’ll have about a 3-5 minute walk to the actual pumpkin patch grounds.

What to Bring

Bring CASH! No checks or credit cards are accepted for the farm products. There’s an ATM on-site, but it’ll cost you.

Definitely bring water and sun protection. A wide-brimmed hat is probably a good idea.

Wear sturdy shoes you don’t mind getting a little dirty. The walk from the parking lot is over a dirt field, so even if you don’t go into the patches, your shoes will get dirty.

If you plan to pick a large pumpkin, bring a small pruning saw or clippers to cut the stem off. You may also want to bring a wagon to haul your harvest back to the car.

Happy picking!