A New Dim Sum Option On The West Side

You can get manapua and basic-style dumplings at a few places around Kapolei, but for more unique dim sum options? That once meant a drive to town.

Takumi is now offering a diverse menu of dim sum every day at lunchtime (11am-2pm).

The menu has about 20 options, though not all are available at any given time. Every dish is $4.75 per serving.

Some Of The Dim Sum Dishes at Takumi

The Shrimp & Spinach Dumplings had that perfect, light dim sum pastry wrapper, and a fresh-tasting combo of seafood and spinach inside. Next time I go back, this is the one thing I’ll get again for sure.

Doing one manapua seemed like a must, so we went with the Manapua Steamed Chicken Bun. These were mini-manapua, served three to an order. The bun had that nice sweet & stickyness and the filling was tasty. Basic, filling, delicious manapua — you can’t really go wrong with meats wrapped in dough whether you’re eating a tamale, an empanada, a piroshky, or a calzone.

The Seaweed Rolls came as a bit of a surprise. I wasn’t sure what the seaweed would be rolled around. Calamari strips, it turns out. Tasty, but I would probably try something else next time.

Mochi Rice Balls were balls of sweet, sticky rice, encased in an egg batter wrap.

They were a nice final savory dish before our dessert of Malaysian Sponge Cake. This was a uniquely light, pleasant dessert to finish off the meal. Not overly sweet, but nice and fluffy (as you can see below).

malaysian sponge cake takumi

What to Know About Takumi’s Dim Sum Lunch

  • They serve it from 11am-2pm, every day.
  • Most dishes come with 3 small portions each. A group of 3 or 6 would be ideal, 2 was less so.
  • You can order everything at once, or try a few and then see how you feel. The dishes come out fast.
  • No reservations required.
  • Beer, wine, and sake are available.
  • You can also order off their regular menu of Osaka-style food.

Takumi is at 4850 Kapolei Parkway, in the Kapolei Village Center shopping center (on Kapolei Parkway, where the Foodland is.)