Foodland Farms Kapolei: Construction’s Finally Starting!

There’s no sign yet, and the company won’t say anything publicly, but all indications are that Foodland Farms Kapolei is finally under construction.

Plans for the new grocery store in The Grove area of Ka Makana Aliʻi (between PetSmart and Jollibee), were announced more than a year and a half ago. A presentation on the mall’s leasing page shows the planned location.

foodland farms location

Groundbreaking on the site was in February 2018, the exterior has been ready since earlier this year.

But the space itself has been empty, just a gravel floor. That changed in the past few weeks. In July, a building permit with Foodland’s name on it was filed with the city. The permit seeks approval to do $2.5 million worth of electrical, plumbing, and AC work to the existing space.

As you can see in the photo above, preparatory work is underway. If you drop by the space during the weekday, you’ll see workers inside.

Also, there is now a Foodland Farms page on the Ka Makana Aliʻi website.

People are excited. “I’m going to basically live there,” a Kapolei neighbor told me last week.

How Will Foodland Farms Be Different Than Regular Foodland?

If it’s anything like the nearest Foodland Farms, in Ala Moana, it will be more focused on fresh ingredients and prepared meals, rather than the long rows of cans in a traditional supermarket.

The Ala Moana Foodland Farms has a massive fresh produce section, and a similarly large selection of hot, prepared food to take out.

In other words, more like a Whole Foods.

If you want to make your own food you can, or you can get from their hot buffet, buy a pre-made bento, or even snag a slice of pizza.

Foodland Farms Ala Moana also has a bar where you can order wine or beer — and eat whatever you bought, or order from a bar menu of light appetizers.

When Is Foodland Farms Is Going To Open?

I’m not sure. I reached out to Foodland’s community relations department, and the friendly person there said they didn’t have any information about the store yet.

Construction timing is unpredictable the world over — especially approvals from city and utility inspectors. Understandably, Foodland may not want to announce a grand opening date until they are sure what that date will be.

If you want to do your own sleuthing, you can:

Check the city’s construction permits site. (Search Tax Map Key 91016142 to see permits for Ka Makana Aliʻi.)

Check the Foodland jobs site. (Presumably they’ll have to start hiring people as the store gets closer to opening.)

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Whenever Foodland Farms does finally open, we’ll see you there!