Two Locals Propose A $72 Million Wave Park In Kalaeloa

A company founded by legendary west side waterman Brian Keaulana wants to build a huge artificial wave lagoon and recreation area in Kalaeloa.

The proposed Honokea Surf Village and Resort would live on a 19-acre parcel of land on the west side of Coral Sea Rd., just mauka of Kalaeloa Heritage Park.

Kalaeloa’s other recreation destination project, the Circuit Hawaiʻi racetrack, is planned to go on the other side of Kalaeloa Airport, in the Campbell Industrial Park area.

The Hawaiʻi Community Development Authority (HCDA), a state agency, owns the Coral Sea Rd. parcel. They’re giving Honokea an exclusive 18-month window to investigate the site and secure funding for the project.

Why A Wave Park?

The land that the wave park would go on isn’t in high demand. According to the HCDA, Honokea is the only company with a proposal to develop it.

Honokea was co-founded by surfer, stuntman, and water safety expert Keaulana and Keno Knieriem, a former Navy officer and Punahou grad.

In their proposal, they say that the park will be: “a ‘Wahi Hoʻokela’ (Center for Excellence) in sports, wellness, culture and arts for Kalaeloa and the State of Hawaiʻi. The … world-class project celebrates Hawaiʻi’s culture, surfing history, and the future of sports.”

The proposed park would include:

  • A 5-acre surf lagoon, with waves for beginners and experts
  • A 3-acre area for other recreation, such as a lazy river and/or stand-up paddleboard area
  • A 2-acre beachside zone
  • A 2-acre welcome plaza and concessions area
  • A 2-acre area film studio / surf training area
  • A 1-acre conference center
  • At least 2 acres dedicated to overnight bungalows
  • A 500-car parking lot, shared with Kalaeloa Heritage Park

The park would use wave-generating technology developed by Wavegarden, a Spain-based company with facilities in Spain and the U.K. (pictured above), with another opening soon in Australia.

According to Wavegarden, their technology “is capable of producing a great variety of ocean-like waves from gentle, knee-high waves for beginners, through to steep, barreling waves designed for advanced and elite surfers.”

What Happens Next With the Kalaeloa Wave Park Proposal

Honokea has 18 months to access the site and decide whether it’s a good place to build a wave park. During this time they’ll also be working to get financing for the project. During this exclusive window, no other proposals for the land will be considered.

Any construction timeline would depend on the financing and how much site work is necessary.

We’ll keep following this and let you know if there are any updates.