Target Will Spend $2 Million To Upgrade Their Kapolei Store

The Kapolei Commons Target, which opened in March 2009, is getting a $2 million upgrade. The store is one of more than 1,000 Targets around the country being renovated by the end of 2020. Target filed a permit with the city on December 6, and a Target spokesperson confirmed that the remodel is happening.

“Expect to see exciting new things inside and out,” says Joe Perdew, vice president of store design, in an interview about Target’s 1,000 store renovations nationwide. “Guests will find beautiful, enhanced merchandise displays that create ‘shops’ throughout the store.”

Some stores will even get a center aisle treatment that winds through the middle of the store with displays at varying heights to make them even more eye-catching. The Beauty department looks like a specialty shop that inspires and invites guests to try the products, and in Home, products are on display in lifestyle settings so guests can imagine what they’ll look like in their own homes.

The overall goal, it seems: Making each area of the store a special, tailored shopping experience — rather than having the store feel like a giant warehouse with aisles and aisles of different stuff to buy.

The Kapolei Target will stay open during the remodel.

The Kapolei Target Upgrades Will Make Sense For Kapolei

Target told me that upgrades always depend on the needs of the community. The photos you see above are examples of remodels in other Target locations; not necessarily what will come to Kapolei.

“We count on our local store teams to help us understand exactly what their guests want so we can build relevant experiences around that,” says Joe Contrucci, senior vice president of stores.

Other elements just make going to the store more convenient. Examples from other stores include:

  • Better displays for books and booze
  • Nursing rooms
  • Dedicated parking spots for people picking items up
beer wine target

A display of beer/wine/liquor at a Target in Minnesota

Planning for the Kapolei store renovations are in the early stages, so Target couldn’t tell me exactly what they have planned.

We’ll let you know when we find out that work has started, and we know more about what to expect.