This West Side Hypnotherapist Helps Women Have Confident, Empowered Pregnancies

Hypnotherapy can be a permanent solution for curing bad habits and reducing anxiety. Amy Neal, a west side hypnotherapist and acupuncturist, has helped people quit smoking, control their weight, and overcome fears.

Her special focus — and passion — is helping women have confident, empowered pregnancies.

“Our bodies are created to know how to give birth,” says Amy. “This is what women do. We do have this knowledge within us. Hypnotherapy helps tap into that subconscious part of us.”

On March 1, Neal will launch a 5-week hypnobirthing class at West Oʻahu Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine. The course is for expectant mothers between 13-35 weeks along. If you’re interested, email Amy at or call 808-638-4751.

Helping Moms Who’ve Had Traumatic Pregnancies, Like She Did

Amy also helps moms get past traumatic events that can happen during pregnancy. It’s something she’s dealt with herself, having lost a child in the second trimester of her first pregnancy.

“It was called a miscarriage, but I was 21 weeks. So I had to go into the hospital and deliver a baby.”

Amy says that trauma during pregnancy, or during birth, often affects moms in their next pregnancy. “I’ve been able to help moms with loss and grieving, and shift their perspective.”

Hypnotherapy, including practices like therapeutic birth art, can help moms connect with their subconscious and heal their minds. Another of her practices, acupuncture, can help with the physical side of things.

“A lot of emotions are tied to physiology,” says Amy. “Someone who is very very anxious might just be extremely blood-deficient, and that’s creating the anxiety. Acupuncture can help with that.”

How To Get Started With Hypnotherapy Or Hypno-Acupuncture

Amy’s unique skill set makes her the only hypno-acupuncturist on Oʻahu, as well as the only hypnotherapist on the west side.

Hypnotherapy typically treats a specific issue, with a set number of treatments.

At your first appointment, Amy will discuss your issue with you, determine a treatment plan, and do an initial hypno-therapy session.

You can book an appointment with Amy online, or call 808-638-4751.