Behold The Kickin Chick’n Ugly Corn Dog

The frymasters at Kickin Chick’n, the Korean fried chicken spot at Ka Makana Aliʻi, don’t just fry poultry.

French fries and shrimp are on the menu too — and so is the unsightly but delicious Ugly Corn Dog (pictured above).

Kickin Chick’n also does a traditional, attractive corn dog. The Ugly Corn Dog is a Korean street food invention and, according to one source I found, is now more popular in Korea than the traditional version.

The craggy bumps on the Ugly Corn Dog’s surface? Those are actually tasty little nuggets of potato. Think of it as a french-fry-wrapped hot dog.

The dog is battered, then rolled in bits of potato and fried. Here’s a basic video of how the process works (although in this version they use corn instead of potato).

The French fry crust does need a little bit of flavoring. Dress your ugly dog up with the condiment of your — ketchup, mustard, hot sauce — and dive in.

The Ugly Corndog is $5 at Kickin Chick’n, in the food court at Ka Makana Aliʻi. Hours are 10:30am-9pm M-Sat., 10:30am-6pm on Sunday.