Hui: A New Car Share Option Comes To Kapolei

If you sometimes need to drive to appointments or events, but don’t always have access to a car, you have a new option in Kapolei.

Hui is an Oʻahu-based car rental that can be reserved via mobile app, and comes with gas and insurance built into the price. No extra paperwork — you just get in the car and go.

As of December 2019, Hui has a car station at the Kapolei Hele gas station on Farrington Highway.

There are also Hui stations at Ko Olina Golf Course, and at Tokai International College (next to UH West Oʻahu). But the Hele spot is the first in central Kapolei.

You can reserve a Hui car — by the hour or per day — for any trip on Oʻahu.

The only major limitation is this: Hui is round-trip-only. You have to return the car to the same station where you picked it up.

To get started, download the Hui app for iPhone or Android. Everything — the reservation, the billing, even getting into the car — goes through the app.

Cost of Renting a Hui Car

Pricing varies based on the location and car. Some stations have multiple cars, but the Kapolei station only offers one — a 5-seat Toyota Prius.

A March 2020 search for that car returned these prices:

  • $29.85 for a 3-hour, mid-day trip
  • $79.60 for a 24-hour reservation

The costs of other cars at other stations may be different.

This Is a Much Cheaper Option For Errands Or Appointments

So, say you need to drive somewhere, but your spouse needs the car. (This happens to me a lot.)

If your appointment is any further away than Waipahu, you’re looking at about $60 roundtrip in an Uber. An Uber into town is more like $120 roundtrip.

Three hours in a Hui will be closer to $30 — plenty of time to get to your destination, do what you need to do, and get back.

Of course, you still have to get to the Hui station somehow, plus drive and park yourself, too.

For a full day reservation, a Hui is closer to $80. A rental car is probably going to be cheaper than that — although maybe not, because you have to pay for gas and maybe insurance too. Plus you have to get to the rental car place, some of which aren’t open every day.

Hui In Action

Some family members were in town over the weekend. They didn’t want a car every day, just for a Sunday day trip to North Shore. Hui was ideal for them, because the west side rental car places weren’t open, and they didn’t have to pay for gas, either.

They especially liked how the phone app is the key to the car — no messing around with access cards or physical keys — a Bluetooth connection links everything up.

They got to the car station in the morning in an Uber, and I picked them up in the evening.

Hui Restrictions

The main restriction, as mentioned earlier, is that you have to return the car to the station where you picked it up. You couldn’t drive into town (which has lots of Hui stations), drop the car there, then grab a different Hui car (or a Lyft/Uber) to get back to Kapolei.

These other restrictions may also apply to you:

  • You must be 19 years of age or older (25 or older for international driver’s license holders.)
  • You must have had a valid license for the past 18 months.
  • You can’t have any major moving violations in the past 36 months (like a DUI).
  • You can’t have any more than 2 minor moving violations in the past 18 months.
  • International driver’s license holders: Same restriction s as US driver’s license holders with one exception – minimum age is 25.

How to Reserve a Hui Car

The first step to reserving a Hui car is to apply for the service, using their iPhone or Android Hui apps. You have to fill out a form, plus take a snapshot of your license, which they validate using some sort of insta-magic. It only takes about five minutes.

Once you’re validated, you use the app to select the times you want the car. Available cars show up on a map. As I write this, there’s a Hui car available from 12:30pm-3:30pm tomorrow, in case I had to be somewhere.

Vehicles By Station

This link shows all the Hui locations, and which vehicles are available at each one. Here’s what’s on offer at the west side locations:

Kapolei Hele

Toyota Prius Prime (5 seats)

Ko Olina Golf Club

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Prime

Tokai International College / UHWO

Toyota Prius Prime (5 seats)

When I reached out to Hui about this article, they said they are still looking to expand to additional stations. I’ll let you know when they do.