Kapolei’s Tasty Shack Now Serves Chinatown-Style BBQ

Tasty Shack, the lunch spot on Kapolei Parkway best known for their bahn mi sandwiches, has a new, tasty option: Chinatown-style barbecue.

A case just inside the front door contains the traditional hanging duck, and barbecued chicken and pork — all staying nice and warm.

tasty shack bbq case

This is Tasty Shack’s selection of meats:

  • Roast duck
  • Shoyu chicken
  • Chilled ginger chicken
  • Roast pork
  • Roast char siu

You can buy any of these meats on their own. They’re sold by the pound for the pork, and in full or half-birds for the poultry.

Or, you can have them as a BBQ plate, which comes with a side salad and two generous scoops of white rice. The roast duck plate is pictured above.

Prices are reasonable. Plates start at $11. For meat-only, the pork is $13.50/lb. A full chicken is $17 per bird. The duck, of course, is a little more pricey, at $15/half, $28/full.

Mini-Chinatown In A Corner Of Kapolei Village Center

Tasty Shack is in the Kapolei Village Center shopping center (where Foodland is). Next door to Tasty Shack is Takumi, which has its own Chinese speciality, dim sum.

Between the two restaurants you could have your own little Chinatown lunch crawl experience right off Kapolei Parkway.

Chinese Barbecue 101

This type of dish is known as siu mei in China. The term refers generally to meats that are coated with sauce, then roasted slowly over an open fire.

The skin retains the sauce, giving it a crispy, deep flavor. And because it’s roasted in large pieces, the meat stays very juicy.

The duck I tried at Tasty Shack had flavorful, crispy skin, and the meat had plenty of moisture.

Can You Get Tasty Shack BBQ For Dinner, Too?

Like any classic BBQ spot, Tasty Shack makes a certain amount per day. Once they sell it, it’s gone. But, they’ve told me that most days there’s still some available for dinner.

Tasty Shack is at 4850 Kapolei Parkway, in the Kapolei Village Center shopping center, on the opposite side of the center from Foodland.