Hawaiian Activities/Games Delivered To Your Home — Free

Kapolei-based Ulu A‘e Learning Center will deliver a Noʻeau Activity Box free to your home if you live in the 96706 or 96707 zip codes.

Each loaner box contains a variety of games/activities like kōnane (Hawaiian checkers), hūlō (Hawaiian word game — pictured above!), or lauhala strips for making i‘a or hōkū.

Delivery is free, thanks to support from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Kamehameha Schools, and Hawaiʻi Tourism.

Get more info and schedule a delivery here. You may want to book a slot soon, they say they are getting booked out, but hoping to add more boxes to their supply soon.

Eliminate Boredom and Share Hawaiian Culture

Board games require lots of time and undivided attention — something we don’t usually have during our busiest times. But during the coronavirus lockdown? We have lots of both.

(My wife and I have been playing the board game Pandemic. Seems timely!)

This is the ideal time to learn a new game or skill. Thousands are turning into live ballet classes and online college courses. Ulu Aʻe is making it possible for families to spend this time enjoying Hawaiian cultural practices together.

Possible Games/Activities in Your Free Noʻeau Box

Ulu Aʻe uses these games in their after-school and break programs. Rather than just having them lying around until such events can take place again, the organization decided to share them with the community.

Each box will have a different combination of the games and activities listed below:

  • kōnane (Hawaiian checkers)
  • kimo (jacks)
  • no‘a (finding a pebble under a cloth)
  • pala‘ie (loop and ball)
  • hū (kukui nut tops)
  • hei manu (card game)
  • hūlō (Hawaiian word game)
  • hei (string figures)
  • lauhala strips for making i‘a or hōkū
  • ‘ohe kāpala for designing your own wrapping paper, tote bag, headband or greeting card
  • lāʻī strips to practice lei making using hilo (twist) or haku (braid)
  • mokupuni (geography activity)

Each box will be delivered to your door (if you live in Kapolei or ʻEwa Beach), and they’ll pick it up a few days later so other families can enjoy learning new activities too.

You can get more information and schedule a delivery on the Ulu Aʻe website.