Rent A Whole Theater To Watch Your Favorite Movie

The Ka Makana Aliʻi theaters left empty by coronavirus restrictions are now available — to you.

Consolidated Theaters announced a rent-a-theater program that runs through the end of September. For $250, you can rent out a theater at ʻŌlino at Ka Makana Aliʻi to show one of about 90 popular movies.

Movie options include:

  • Any movie from the Harry Potter series
  • Any movie from the Fast and Furious series
  • Family classics like The Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka (original version), or Shrek
  • Many musicals, action movies, 80s classics, and others.

You can have up to 30 people in the theater — and must add a concessions package. The package starts at $10/person, which gets you a large popcorn and large soda or water.

If you ended up getting 20 people it would work out to $20 per person — pretty much a typical cost of a ticket plus popcorn and soda.

While Regal Cinemas (Kapolei Commons) has announced plans to reopen on July 31, Consolidated has yet to announce when they’ll be selling tickets again. (If everyone books out private screenings to these classics, maybe they won’t have to … since new movies may not be coming out anytime soon.)

As I write this you can reserve dates through the end of September.

You Can Rent a Theater for Gaming, Too

Consolidated is also making theaters available for private gaming. The cost is $200 for two hours, with additional hours at $100 per hour.

You’re responsible for providing the games, console, controllers, and a wifi hotspot connection — plus an HDMI cable to hook up to the theater’s projection system.

The gaming option is only available Thursdays-Sundays.

How to Sign Up or Get More Information

If you’re interested in a movie, you can book right from the Consolidated Theaters website. The process starts by selecting the theater (ʻŌlino, Mililani, or Ward), then picking a movie, a concession package, and reserving a date and time.

For gaming, you fill out the form on this page, which asks for the theater, desired time, and your console.

If you have more questions, email