4 September Stay-At-Home Community Service Activities

The latest lockdown orders to slow the spread of COVID-19 don’t permit large volunteer gatherings. These events, recommended by Blue Zones Project Hawaiʻi, are home-based ways to serve the community.

Letters to Our Kūpuna

Our kupuna face uncertain and lonely times as they try to stay safe during the pandemic. You can contribute to a kupuna by writing a simple, thoughtful letter. Other options include sending a nice photo, creating a card, or something similar.

You can upload an image of the letter, which will be printed and sent for you, or mail the letter to a central address for distribution.

[More Info & Submission Form]

Youth for Oʻahu Mini-Grants

Middle school, high school, and college students can apply for cash grants to support a youth service activity of their choice.

Students can apply as individuals, and be eligible of grants up to $100, or as teams, and be eligible for grants up to $500.

More than 40 grants will be awarded.

Important Date: The virtual event kickoff is Friday, September 11.

[More Info & Application Form]

Hawaiʻi Peace Day 2020

Local Buddhist Hongwanji temples will be celebrating the 14th Anniversary of Peace Day in Hawaiʻi on Sunday, September 20th with a special Peace Day Packet, a state-wide bell-ringing ceremony, and delicious bentos.

At exactly 12 noon, Bishop Eric Matsumoto of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawai‘i will lead a minute of silence, honoring all those who have sacrificed for the achievement of peace. At 12:01, young people will ring the bells from their local temples, churches, schools and community organizations. The program will also be streamed live online via Zoom.

The Ewa Hongwanji Mission packet ($5 each) will include Peace Day information, sheets of paper with instructions to decorate and make 2 cranes and a pinwheel, and several peace-themed activities.

You can also order bentos ($9 regular, $11 vegetarian) from Marians Catering.

Important Date: Mail orders must be received by Tuesday, September 8. (You can also order by phone.)

[More Info & Order Form]

Seeds of Honua Seed Sprint 2020

Kids in grades K-12 can register to receive a packet of local seeds, then document their growing journey on social media.

Each child can choose one packet of plant seeds (including lettuce, onion, and basil) and one packet of flower seeds.

Seeds are sent via mail.

Important Date: The registration deadline is Tuesday, September 15.

[More Info & To Register]

Photo courtesy Blue Zones Project.