About Us

Howzit Kapolei connects west side people with events and happenings they care about.

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, join our newsletter, or visit our website, we’ll do our best to make sure you find out about:

  • Cool things to do
  • Fun places to go
  • Neat stuff to buy
  • …you tell us!

We also shine a spotlight on the west side’s doers and makers. If you are putting on an event, or trying to grow a business, we want to help spread the word.

About Our Logo

Pu‘uokapolei, the hill that Kapolei was named after, holds an important place in the history of O‘ahu and the past of the Second City.

Our logo cherishes that past. The primary visual element depicts the sun setting in the hollow of mahinaona, as viewed from Pu‘uokapolei. This happens only once a year, on June 21 (the day of the summer solstice). For ancient Hawaiians, the event signaled the turning of the seasons.

It’s one of the many unique things about Kapolei — and we’re all about telling Kapolei’s unique stories.

Seth Kolloen + Lindsey Gerber

Seth and Lindsey met in Seattle, and married in Ewa Beach in 2016.

Lindsey is a fourth-generation west side resident. Her family has lived in ʻEwa Beach since the 1930’s. She was raised in Kapolei and grad from Kamehameha schools and Seattle University. Lindsey writes about nature, Hawaiian culture, and shopping. She is also our top photographer, and decides what shows up on the home page.

Seth is a fourth-generation Seattleite. He moved to Kapolei with Lindsey in 2017. In Seattle, he was a creative director for a content marketing agency, director of content for a top 500 website, executive editor of a magazine, and a freelance writer for local and national publications, including ESPN.

Seth is the publisher/editor of Howzit Kapolei. He writes about food & booze, businesses, community events, and new construction around town. Lindsey makes sure that what he writes never sounds too haole.

We plan to start a family here, and we want to raise our kids in a place with awesome local restaurants, cool places to shop, fun events to go to, and a vibe that incorporates and celebrates the location and history of this unique spot on the Earth.

The mission of Howzit Kapolei is to help make this happen.