F45 Training in Kapolei Business Park

F45 Training started as a single studio in Australia in 2012. It now has more than 1,500 studios in 40 countries, and plans to open up to 10,000 studios in North America alone.

Kapolei gets its first on June 29, when F45 Training opens in Kapolei Business Park, at 2114 Lauwiliwili Street.

F45 Training has exploded in popularity because their standardized system takes the guesswork out of the daily workout. Here’s how:

  • Workouts are exactly 45 minutes long (Except on Saturdays: Then it’s a one-hour workout, with a live DJ.).
  • There are more than 40 workout experiences, all of which are developed at F45 HQ, with names like Athletica (cardio-based), Pipeline (stability and core-focused), and Quarterbacks (cardio, agility, and resistance-focused).
  • But each workout experience is slightly different every time, developed from a catalog of more than 4,000 exercises. So you’ll never do exactly the same workout twice.
  • Class enrollment is capped at 18-36 people, depending on the workout, so you’ll never be in a too-crowded class, or have to worry about getting the equipment you want.

The F45 Workout: The Same Around The World

The workout experience is consistent across all of their thousands of gyms, because the daily workouts are beamed to each gym every morning. The 8am workout in Atlanta, in London, and in Kapolei are all the same.

During a warmup stage, one trainer explains the components of the workout, while another trainer demonstrates.

Once you begin, two certified coaches work with you. Meanwhile, a screen shows you a reminder of the desired movement.

The exercises are functional movements, designed so that you can push yourself as hard as you want during the time allotted for each movement.

For some workouts, you’re paired with a partner, who either does the same exercise with you, side-by-side, or sometimes even assists. This arrangement brings a camaraderie and motivation to F45 Training that doesn’t happen in the typical fitness class.

Local Owners (Plus Marky Mark)

Three Kauaʻi natives — Shane Davies, Derek Lyons-Wolf, and Rico Jimenez — are co-owners of the Kapolei location. Davies is a former Marine, while Lyons-Wolf and Jimenez were both competitive surfers. All three have extensive fitness backgrounds. I spoke with Davies, who said Kapolei was his next target because of the lack of fitness options here.

Another buff guy who believes in F45 — Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg, who recently invested in the company. “I fell in love with F45 after I walked into a gym and saw people from all walks of life, all levels of fitness, working out together,” he told Bloomberg News.

Membership Discounts Last Through Saturday

So far, local response has been as enthusiastic as Wahlberg’s. F45 sold out of their initial group of Foundation memberships, which are offered as a discount to members willing to sign up before the gym is open.

They are offering one final round of $45/week Foundation memberships, for members who join on or before the June 29 grand opening. After that, the price will go up. Memberships are billed monthly, and give you unlimited workouts throughout the week.

Wahlberg now works out at F45 regularly — maybe next time he’s back here filming a movie, we’ll see him on Lauwiliwili St.