Green Applied Sciences

Hawaiʻi’s reliance on imported food doesn’t just mean lost jobs and high prices at the supermarket. In the case of a natural disaster, it could mean lost lives.

If you want to help reduce Hawaiʻi’s reliance on imported food, you have a local partner in Green Applied Sciences.

They are the only local lighting company for indoor agriculture.

Why indoor? Because growing indoors is more reliable and more productive than outdoor growing.

Indoors, plants are protected from damaging diseases, hungry insects, and destructive downpours. And humans are protected too—plants grown indoors aren’t likely to harbor bacteria, like E. Coli, or parasites, like the ones that cause rat lungworm.

Indoor plants are also more productive. LED lights shine brightly for 15 hours a day, so crops grow faster than they would getting 12 hours of outdoor sun.

Vertical towers make harvesting easier—no getting down on your knees in the dirt.

If you’re a home grower who just wants to improve plant production, Green Applied Sciences will work with you. If you’re hoping to sell your produce, they can help too.

They’re also thinking bigger. New technology pioneered at the University of Pittsburgh uses converted food waste as nutriets for indoor growing.

Green Applied Sciences is looking for a partner to debut this technology here on Oʻahu.

For more information, visit their website, contact them using this form, or connect with them on Facebook.

harvesting plants from vertical towers

Photos via Green Applied Sciences