Kapolei Apartments

Kapolei is a sought-after location for apartment rentals. Kapolei is mostly single-family homes. The apartment buildings it does have are mostly new and mostly very nice, like Kapolei Lofts.

So you’ll rarely find anything for less than $1,800/month in Kapolei proper. Two-bedroom apartments generally start at $2,000/month and up.

If you just want to live near enough to Kapolei to commute there, you can find cheaper options in ‘Ewa Beach and Makakilo.

Many ‘Ewa Beach apartments are in older apartment buildings, or are mother-in-law apartments attached to houses. In Makakilo you’re more likely to find rooms for rent attached to houses. In both places you may be able to find a one-bedroom for $1,500 or less. If you’re single, you may be able to find a room to rent for less than $1,000.

The further up Farrington you go, the cheaper the rents get. In Makaha, you’ll sometimes see oceanfront apartments in nice buildings for $1,200/month. Problem is you’re looking at a 40-minute drive into Kapolei, and that’s if there’s no traffic.

(Seth: Which there usually is. I got married in ‘Ewa Beach. My sister and her husband and their kids, who live in Seattle, procrastinated in renting a place and ended up staying in Makaha. They were constantly going back and forth on Farrington and one of the kids’ top memories of the trip is my brother-in-law getting aggravated in traffic and muttering “Goddamn Farrington.”)

The cheapest option if you want to stay near Kapolei is to get a few people together and rent a large house. You can often find a three-bedroom house to rent for less than $3,000. On a per-person basis, that’s going to be cheaper than any apartment you’ll find.