Kapolei Chinese Restaurant Menus

See below for a map of all the local Chinese restaurants. To the menus!

Kapolei Chinese Restaurant
Ho Ho Chinese Cuisine

Kapolei Chinese Restaurant Menu

Kapolei Chinese Restaurant has all the classic. It’s BYOB (which of course we always do), and the food is reliably delicious. The steamed fish is one of our favorites. Here’s their takeout menu. All of these are available in the restaurant too. If you can’t read the images, click to enlarge them.
Kapolei Chinese Restaurant menu front
Kapolei Chinese Restaurant menu back
Menu collected by Howzit Kapolei July 7, 2018. Click the images to enlarge them!

Ho Ho Chinese Cuisine Menu

Ho Ho Chinese Cuisine has a full Chinese menu, plus some specialty items like dim sum and manapua. They’re open early for breakfast. If the menu is too small to read, click the image to enlarge it.
Ho Ho Chinese Cuisine menu front
Ho Ho Chinese Cuisine menu back
Menu collected by Howzit Kapolei July 7, 2018

Chinese Restaurants in the Kapolei Area

On this map, we only put in places that offer a full Chinese food menu and table service, not take out places, or spots that only do noodles or hot pot.