Kapolei Theaters

10 years ago, if you wanted to see a movie in Kapolei you only had one choice of theater (and not the greatest choice at that). Now, Kapolei has three theaters, and two of them are among the best on the island. #winning!

Consolidated Theaters Kapolei

This is the oldest movie theater in Kapolei, also the least expensive. If you are looking to save a little money on your trip to the movies, go here. Otherwise we recommend one of Kapolei’s newer and deeply awesome new movie theaters.

Regal Kapolei Commons

Sit back and relax in your own movie-watching throne—this theater has more than 1,200 king-size recliner seats. And you can pick your throne in advance—seating is assigned. The days of hustling into the theater and tossing your jacket over a few seats are over.

Plus, they’ll bring your drinks to your at your seats. There is a two-drink maximum, though.

Food options aren’t limited to popcorn and hot dogs and stadium nachos, you can get stuff like edamame, spring rolls, chicken tenders, kimchi burgers, kalua pig pizza, and malasadas for dessert. It’s like a family potluck.

You’ll pay extra for all this, a ticket to the same movie at Consolidated Theaters can cost $4 less.

Regal Kapolei Commons is, you guessed it, at Kapolei Commons.

‘Ōlino by Consolidated Theaters at Ka Makana Ali’i

Opened near the end of 2016, along with the rest of Ka Makana Ali’i, the biggest draw for this theater (besides the movie) is that you can drink there. Beer and wine (and hard root beer floats) are all for sale, and you can take them into the movie with you. The draft beer list at time of writing includes two beers from Maui Brewing.

The food is restaurant-y, just like at Kapolei Commons, you can order burgers, green bean fries, banh mi hot dogs, and Hawaiian Pie Company mini-pies for dessert.

Seating is similar to Regal Kapolei Commons—super-plush, and you pick them in advance.