New Locally-Owned Italian Restaurant “Mad Bene” Coming To Former Eating House Space

UPDATE: Mad Bene is now open for dinner! And it’s getting some very, very good reviews. Below is some background about the restaurant.

The restaurant space in Kapolei Commons between DB Grill and the movie theater has been empty since Eating House 1849 closed at the end of March.

The new tenants are coming from right next door. The team behind DB Grill, and their sister restaurant in town, Café Duck Butt, will make the former Eating House space the location for their third restaurant.

The name: Mad Bene. And the head chef, Bao Tran, has worked at some of New York City’s best Italian restaurants.

“Mad Bene is East Coast slang for ‘crazy good,’” explains former New Yorker Henry Yoon, co-owner of DB and Duck Butt, and now Mad Bene. “The restaurant is an homage to all the great Italian food we grew up with on the East Coast but that isn’t here in Hawaii.”

Mad Bene will be a family-friendly Italian concept. The stars of the menu will be fresh pizzas, pastas and even mozzarella cheese, all made from scratch, in-house.

Head chef Tran is a former New Yorker as well. He cooked in some of the top restaurants in NYC, including stints at the Michelin-starred Italian restaurant Carbone, the urban Italian restaurant Locanda Verde, award-winning Italian coastal restaurant Santina.

Put another way — Tran has worked with some of the world’s best Italian chefs, and he’ll be bringing that knowledge and those flavors to Kapolei.