Open Division Schedule Color Grid [Printable]

Get psyched! For the first time in 40 years, the top football teams in the OIA and ILH will play each other every week—not just in the state playoffs. We created this schedule grid so you can see at a glance who’s playing each week.

Schedule for phones and screens (png) | Printable schedule (pdf)

2018 oahu open division football schedule grid

Click the image for a printable schedule grid.

Dates, Times, Locations, TV, and Radio

All 9 weeks deliver four lights-out matchups. Games are either Friday or Saturday. We didn’t have room on the grid to put specific dates, times, and locations. Visit Hawaiʻi Prep World’s 2018 schedule for all of those details.

OC 16 will televise 24 Open Division games, here’s their schedule. Sports Radio AM 1500 will broadcast 8 Open Division games, here’s their schedule.

Over Labor Day weekend, no Open Division games will be played. Five Open Division teams will take the week off, but three travel to the mainland to play: Campbell (@ O’Connor, Phoenix), Kapolei (@ Downey, Los Angeles), and Mililani (@ St. John Bosco, Los Angeles). The other six teams take the holiday weekend off.

Open Division Schedule Bye Weeks

As you can see, the nine teams play each other over nine weeks. That makes eight games for each team, plus a bye. Some notes on the bye weeks:

  • Campbell’s bye week is Week 1, and Mililani’s is Week 9. That means each will play 8 consecutive Open Division game. Those two teams will actually play 9 consecutive weeks, since both are traveling to the mainland to play a game.
  • The best bye spot went to Waiʻanae (Week 5). They will play no more than four consecutive weeks of Open Division games.
  • Kamehameha, which has the Week 3 bye, and Farrington, which has the Week 4 bye, both get two consecutive weeks off, because of the Labor Day weekend break.
  • Saint Louis, during their bye in Week 2, is playing Narbonne of Los Angeles at Aloha Stadium.

Open Division Schedule Home and Road Games

When you look at home vs. road games, the OIA teams definitely have an advantage. Among the ILH teams, only Kamehameha will play a true home game. Mililani has the best arrangement—of their 8 league games, 6 are at home, so they only have 2 true road games. Both Kapolei and Waiʻanae also only have 2 true road games, but 5 home games, as each plays a game at Aloha Stadium.

Punahou and Saint Louis play all of their games on the road or at Aloha Stadium. Punahou plays 6 of its 8 league games at other schools’ stadiums. Here’s how the schedule breaks down:

  • Campbell: 5 home, 3 road
  • Farrington: 4 home, 4 road
  • Kahuku: 4 home, 3 road, 1 Aloha Stadium
  • Kamehameha: 1 home, 4 road, 3 Aloha Stadium
  • Kapolei: 5 home, 2 road, 1 Aloha Stadium
  • Mililani: 6 home, 2 road
  • Punahou: 0 home, 6 road, 2 Aloha Stadium
  • Saint Louis: 0 home, 4 road, 4 Aloha Stadium
  • Waiʻanae: 5 home, 2 road, 1 Aloha Stadium

Hope to see you at the games—this season will be legendary!