Rock N Fun

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Rock *n Fun at Ka Makana Aliʻi is an island of booze in the middle of an arcade. It is a little weird to get your drink on in an indoor playground, but … $3 Coors Lights! Pitchers! Happy hour pretty much all day!

Even better, our island is ringed by giant TVs showing sports. And at a nearby row of tables—call it Pound-A-Few Peninsula?—every table has its own TV.

Rock n fun bar

Photo via Facebook

If you’re at the mall with kids, this is the ideal place for a break. Give them a few dollars to fund their gaming, and you can sit at the bar and quench your thirst.

The food options are what you’d expect at a sports bar/arcade; it’s your basic lineup of wings, beer, and pizza. You can also order burgers and sandwiches off the Johnny Rocket’s menu.

Service can be uneven, as there’s often only the one bartender. If a bunch of westsiders all get the idea of taking a break from shopping at once, you’ll have a longer wait than you’d like. Console yourself by remembering that the same beer would cost twice as much 100 yards away at Cheesecake Factory.

Pupus at Rock ‘n Fun

You can order fries and tots off the Johnny Rockets menu.

Drinks at Rock ‘n Fun

Nothing fancy here. Beer you’d expect at a bar in Hawaii—Coors Light, Heineken, Miller Lite, Bud are standards. As of July 2018, Killian’s Irish Red, Maui Bikini Blonde, and Lagunitas IPA are on draft as well.

The cocktail menu is heavy on the classics—one quirk is their special Bloody Mary, which is topped with a Johnny Rockets slider. The Moscow Mule is a good option too—made with Tito’s vodka and served in a copper mug, for less than $10.